Stock and Land - Ballarat ewes to 326

Ballarat ewes to $326

Spiralling crossbred ewe prices continued their impressive run on Friday when a further six sales drew bids above $300, topping at $326 ahead during Ballarat’s annual ewe sale.

The market toppers, which were yard of 210, were the product of Roderick Seers, Glengower, trading as Clearview Partners while KD & G Fagg, Mt Mercer sold a pen of 230 at $322 a head.

Other successful vendor sales to cross the $300 a head mark included A Lang & Son, with a yard of 111 sold at $306 and a pen of 135 sold $305, CA Impey – 88 sold at $300, BE Hibertson – 119 sold at $308 and M Thorn -100 sold at $300.

Throughout the remainder of 12,000-head yarding the vast majority of the lines offered lacked the bloom and growth normally expected of an annual feature sale.

However, with the prime lamb and mutton markets firing at unprecedented levels buyers seeking replacement ewes bid strongly at prices varying from $250 to $290 for the better grown and $220- $240 for the younger and smaller grown mainly spring-drop lots.

This strong demand was continued through to the sales of mature breeding ewes. 

Pens of 2.5 and 3.5 year-old ewes sold to keen inquiry to make $160- $240, while older 4 to 6 year-old ewes made $150-$180 and included pen of 185 five year old ewes sold account BJ Frawley sand Sons that were sold for $180.

Sales of 17-drop ewe lambs also carried a full head of steam whereby better-grown lots suitable for an autumn joining made $200-$258 a head and smaller backgrounding ewe lambs made $150-$200.

The lamb market toppers were a yard of 126 that were May-drop ex Collinsville blood Merino ewes and Towarri Border Leicester rams. They were bred at Mr Cameron by SA & TM Seers while the second draft of the Seers family ewe lambs made $242.