A three week hot streak at CVLX

For the third week in a row, heavy export lambs have topped the market at $245/hd at the CVLX sheep and lamb sale. A total of 52 pens sold above $200/hd, with MLA NLRS reporter attributing this as ‘a credit to local producers’. Close to 10,000 lambs have been sold for over $200 head over the past 3 weeks at the Ballarat facility.

A total of 26,736 lambs and 3,780 sheep were yarded and presented to a strong buyer group, ensuring high competition and great results for vendors. Lamb numbers experienced a major lift, with the yarding of lambs increasing by 8,100 head. Consistent demand in the Victorian lamb market supported the prices experienced at CVLX Ballarat yesterday, with increased quality in all weights and grades on offer.

TB White and Sons vendor, KP Maher & Sons topped the market with 94 head of X Bred lambs for $245/hd. TB White & Sons agent, Tom Madden said “even though there was a higher yarding of lambs offered today, the increased supply didn’t slow the demand in one of TB White & Sons best offerings of the season”.

Heavier trade weights sold from $156/hd to $176/hd and averaged around 680c/kg. Active feeders and restockers pushed these lamb prices to $119/hd to $157/hd.

Sheep also sold to a strong demand, with most ranged from $5/hd dearer this week.

CVLX Operations Manager, Jonathan Crilly, said, “the yarding yesterday was one of the best line up of lambs at CVLX for quite some time it was a credit to all agents and vendors on outstanding line up of heavy lambs. Not only has the lamb market been continuing to be strong, older sheep and mutton prices have also continued on a strong upward trend. Rams, ewes and wethers all made $196/hd and above”.

The sale also hosted a Public Information and Safety Day for those attending the sale at CVLX. Coopers Animal Health and Agriculture Victoria were present, offering industry information along with Regional Livestock Exchanges (RLX) Safety and Compliance Manager, Ted Parish, attended the sale with information regarding animal welfare and Sheep NLIS.