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Queensland Country Life - AAMIG's industry passion shines bright

AAM Investment Group (AAMIG) managing director Garry Edwards said the business has a simple philosophy; to promote investment in agriculture to create an ethical and sustainable legacy.

Operating across the fields of agriculture, real property and infrastructure, AAMIG identifies, investigates, funds and acquires high quality investment assets for long term investment.  Once acquired, assets are actively managed to achieve optimal returns and long term value.

Mr Edwards said the CQLX redevelopment phase AAMIG spearheaded, was essentially completed earlier this year and took eight years to finalise.

“The shortest term we do an investment for in the RLX portfolio is 25 years, it’s a very long-term commitment,” he said.

“In about eight weeks time we’ll be opening the newest saleyard in Australia, the Central Victorian Livestock Exchange, which is a $30 million project.”

Mr Edwards said the benefits of these projects flow back to the local community.

“Since we took over the CQLX project, throughput has increased by 45 per cent, and a number of businesses attached to the facility have expanded, leading to increased local employment,” he said.

“We recently met with Rockhampton Regional Council mayor Margaret Strelow who was explaining to us the positive impact the project has had within the broader community of service industries to agriculture within the region.

“This included services for trucking companies merchandise outlets, rural property sales, and a whole range of other things, it’s about creating volume to breed volume.”

He said almost every member of the AAMIG team comes from an agricultural background, and while they’re predominantly based in Brisbane they’ve mostly come off farms right throughout the country.

“They’re passionate about our projects, and excited about the fact that we’re taking money and putting it back into agriculture,” he said.

“Our greatest asset is our staff.”

He said AAMIG currently has more infrastructure projects reaching fruition in the saleyards, plus other livestock investments at present.

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