CVLX opens its gates in June

Regional Livestock Exchanges (RLX) will host an Open Day at the new Central Victoria Livestock Exchange (CVLX) on Saturday 23 June from 11am with any and all members of the industry and general public invited to attend.

The CVLX Open Day will give all those attending a unique opportunity to participate in guided tours of the facility currently under construction.

The new CVLX represents a milestone in livestock exchange development and will offer users a modern, competitive and innovative facility to market livestock.

The facility has been designed to significantly improve livestock marketability and presentation, operating efficiencies and animal welfare outcomes. The cattle facility has fully covered selling pens, a modular flow through penning configuration, non-chlorinated drinking water for livestock and most importantly a soft floor throughout.

Managing Director, Garry Edwards, said “we want to offer people the opportunity to come and see first-hand the new livestock facility as it nears completion of construction, so that they can see many of the innovative features that will set CVLX apart from other livestock selling facilities. It is truly one of a kind – not just in Victoria, but Australia and I know those who can attend the Open Day on the 23rd of June will be impressed with what they see”.

The unique nature of the facility lies within its size, with over 7 acres of roof covering both cattle and sheep selling areas and its flow through design providing the ability to conduct the large sale events the region has ever seen.

CVLX boasts a range of innovative features including, modular cattle and sheep selling pens that can cater for different sale lot sizes; combination cattle processing areas enabling simultaneous bulk and individual weighing; designated short term holding and feeding facilities for both sheep and cattle; onsite recycled water treatment; availability of sale live streaming and online bidding for feature sales; areas available to scan, weigh and automatically draft sheep and lambs; drive through truck wash facilities; truck driver amenities; plus onsite central facilities including administration and agent offices; and a large canteen.

Construction remains on target for completion in July, followed by a short commissioning period where staff will be trained and agents will be able to familiarise themselves before commencing operations on 17 August with a Store Cattle sale.

Guided tours will be conducted every half an hour from 11am to 2pm. A BBQ Lunch will be provided by CVLX and there will no doubt be lots of discussion and endless opinions so it is sure to be an interesting day for everyone who decides to attend.