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CTLX Sales

  • Prime Lamb and Sheep Sales are conducted every Wednesday at 9.00 am.  All stock should be delivered before 8.00 am on sale day.
  • Prime Cattle Sales are conducted every Tuesday at 8.30 am.  Curfew is Monday at 9.00 pm.
  • Store Cattle Sales are conducted every second Friday of the month at 10.00 am.  Curfew is Thursday at 9.00 pm.

Site contacts

Assistant Operations Manager

Mick Bourke
Ph: 0437 831 222
E: manager@ctlx.com.au

Site Admin

Jodie Molloy
Ph: 02 6367 3084
E: admin@ctlx.com.au

Receivals, Feeding and Delivery 

Mick Bourke
Ph: 0437 831 222 
E: manager@ctlx.com.au


Please feel welcome to contact us with any feedback. 


About CTLX

Located in the heart of the CT region on the Mid Western Highway, CTLX is operated by Regional Infrastructure Pty Ltd on behalf of Palisade Investment Partners and provides the Central Tablelands with a state of the art livestock auction facility that promises a competitive market for buyers and sellers. As one of the most advanced livestock facilities in Australia today CTLX represents a new era in livestock marketing.

Strong weekly sheep and lamb markets are expected to build sales to 700,000 head per year with the best offering of Central Tablelands prime lamb and sheep. Prime and store cattle sales are expected to build sales to 160,000 head per year. A choice selection of prime cattle, breeding stock and re-stocker lines - the best of the Central Tablelands.


  • Mon 21 Oct

    • 9
    • 21


  • Tue 22 Oct

    • 11
    • 23


  • Wed 23 Oct

    • 12
    • 24


Site Details

4860 Mid Western Highway
Carcoar NSW 2791

Phone: 02 6367 3086

Email: admin@ctlx.com.au