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Brahman Week 2019 closes with $105,000 top red

Full Article - Queensland Country Life

CHARTERS Towers producers Brian and Glenda Kirkwood, Somerview, pushed themselves and red bulls into headline territory on the closing day of the 2019 Brahman Week Sale in Central Queensland.

The Kirkwoods paid $105,000 for a young bull from the draft offered by Noel and Manny Sorley, Mt Callan, Dalby at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange, Gracemere, matching the best price paid for a grey Brahman earlier in the sale.

The Kirkwood outlay contributed to the $2,496,500 taken on the day for 226 head at an average of $11,046.

Overall the sale yielded total receipts of $8,541,500 with an average of $10,965 on the sale of 779 head.

Ten bulls sold for at least $30,000 on the final day.

Australian Brahman Breeders Association manager Anastasia Fanning said the sale results were "simply amazing".

"The figures are quite out of this world, simply amazing," she said.

"It goes to illustrate how well the breed is developing and how respected and valued Brahmans are nowadays as well as the confidence of the breeders."

For the Kirkwoods, snaring Mt Callan Scully 19/18 (AI) (P) was a new buying high, substantially above their previous personal best spend of $80,000.

"He is a very nice bull and offers everything we wanted in a young sire," Mr Kirkwood said.

"Scully" is 26-month-old son of Doonside Taser (IVF) (P) (REG) and Mt Callan 10/15 (AI) (P), a daughter of KP Monty (AI) (S). He weighed 950kg and featured an eye muscle area of 137sq cm, scrotal circumference of 42cm, with motility of 80pc. His P8 and rib fat measurements are 15mm and 14mm.

The Sorleys were back in the thick of the selling action only moments later, accepting a bid of $50,000 for Mt Callan Santos 31/18 (AI) (P) from Mark and Tarsh Allen, Kariobe Valley, Thangool.

"Santos" traces to Kenrol Mr HJ Ray 0366 (AI) (ET) (S) on his topside through his sire Doonside Taser (IVF) (P) and is from Mt Callan 38/15 (H).

At 834kg and 24 months, "Santos" has an EMA of 138sq cm, motility of 85pc and a scrotal circumference of 40.5cm.

Stewart Nobbs, Yoman Cattle Company, Moura, also dug deep to buy Kandoona 14748 (P) off BJ and E Radel, Taroom, for $65,000. By Kandoona 10302 (AI) (ET) (H), he is 24 months-old and labelled as an "ideal sire type".

Alan and Leonie Trail, Murrindindi, Baralaba, also sold a big money spinner.

Lot 715 Elmo Rustler 1100/8 (P), by Wallton Downs Barnaby 710/1 (P) and from Elmo Desert Sequin 658/1 (P) and boasting an EMA of 136sq cm and a scrotal circumference of 38cm, was bought for $57,000 by Brett Kinnon, Clermont. As well, the Trail's 23 month-old bull Elmo Redwood 1161/8 (P), listed as Lot 714 in the catalogue, sold for $50,000.

Reade and Jill Radel sold the 24 month-old Jileaba 05769 (AI) (ET) (H) to Brett and Janice McCamley, Fern Hills Grazing, Bajool, for $40,000.

The Thomson Family, Ingham, cast their own spell over rival bidders when they won a spirited bidding duel to buy Fern Hills Voodoo 3387 (D) for $30,000. The 24 months-old "Voodoo" is a son of Fern Hills Quill 2659 (AI) (H) and Fern Hills Miss 2466 (H).

Beth Streeter, Palmvale, Mt Slopeaway, Marlborough, was a busy vendor for the most part at the Brahman Week Sale but swapped roles to become a bull buyer on the final day, paying $30,000 for Jomanda Hackett 918 (D) from the Johnson Family, Four Mile Lane, via Grafton.

"Hackett" is 30-months-old and tips the scales at 915kg. His eye muscle area is 146sq cm, his IMF% is 4.9 and he has respective P8 and rib fat measurements of 15mm and 9mm as well as a scrotal circumference of 38cm and motility of 80pc.

He has Fairy Springs Duracell on his topside through his sire NCC Dornellas (IVF) (D) and is from Jomanda 5G Merlene 670 (H) by NCC Shogun 1181 (AI) (ET) (D).

Gipsy Plains Cattle bought Tarramba Mr Red Eagle 3456 (IVF) (P) from Gunthorpe Cattle Company, Banana, for $30,000.

Garglen Stockbroker X832 (P) sold for $26,000 to Len Gibbs, Muan, Biggenden, a 26 month-old son of Doonside Ubu (IVF) (P) and Garglen 9690 (P). presented for sale by Shane and Sandra Bishop, Garglen Brahman Company, Moura.

With a scrotal circumference of 41cm and motility of 85pc, "Stockbroker" could also claim an EMA of 133sq cm. His rib fat measurement was 6mm and P8 of 7mm.

The 23-month-old Muan Trailblazer 5726 (P) has found a new owner after selling for $24,000 to Lindley Park Brahmans, Mackay.

Entering the selling ring at the CQLX as Lot 825, "Trailblazer" was sired by Wallton Downs El Paso (P) and his dam is Muan Danae 4819 (P) by Muan A Jackpot 2574 (AI) (ET) (P).

"Trailblazer" has scrotal circumference of 39cm, morphology of 80pc, motility of 80pc, EMA 138cq cm and weighs 932kg.