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Ballarat sales return with steers making to 496c/kg - Stock & Land

Stock and Land

Ballarat returned to its monthly store cattle sales program with a bang as prices were strong across a yarding of around 2200 cattle.

As is usual, coronavirus COVID -19 rules and restrictions applied and were enforced.

Numbers were limited to ensure the ability to conduct the sale with the required social distancing rules.

Younger cattle, particularly the heifers were in high demand.

Elders auctioneer Graeme Nicholson, Ballarat, said the plans put in place to met the requirements set down had "worked pretty well".

He said that buyers approved of the way the sale was conducted and the selling agents each worked together to limit the number of staff in the yards.

Mr Nicholson said a lot of work was done earlier to ensure there was no double handling or re-penning required of stock required on the day.

He said all agents had knocked back cattle.

After regularly yarding 4000 to 5000 cattle it was hard to adjust to 2200 or 2400 - "it feels like there are hardly any cattle there".

Feedlotters were strong throughout while commission buyers operating for norther orders also put together large numbers.

He said the very heavy steer prices were similar to the previous sale, and "maybe a little softer".

That was in line with the fall in prices at prime sale recently, but the rest of the yarding sold at equal rates, he said.

Weaner and lighter steers sold strongly and made up to nearly 500 cents a kilogram.

One major buyer from the NSW central tablelands, was purchasing cattle for feeding off oat crops.

Grown steers mainly Angus, weighing from around 440kg to 645kg, sold from $1550 to $2040 or 314c/kg to 380c/kg.

A consignment account BKO Buckley comprised a pen of 17 Angus, 462kg, that sold for $1750 or 378c/kg while another line of 14, weighing 526kg, sold for $1750 or

I & J Clark, Junction Park, sold 14 High Spa-blood steers, 526kg, for $1830 or 347c/kg.

A line of 20 Angus steers account Larnook Pastoral weighed 531kg and sold for $1770, or 333c/kg.

Top price of the steers was a pen of six sold account A Taylor that weighed 645kg and sold for $2040, or 316. The same vendor had a pen of nine, 556kg, that made $1750 or 314c/kg. The cattle were 20 months and Lawson blood.

The penning of weaner steers, 260 to 415kg, sold from $1150 to $1620 or mainly 358c/kg to 420c/kg with a top of 496c/kg..

Wardor Run's consignment of Weeran-blood steers, 11-13 months, 411kg, sold to $1620 or 394c/kg. The heifer portion of this run sold to $1235 for a pen of 18, weighing 322kg, that came out at 382c/kg.

G Crick sold 33 Angus steers, 376kg, for $1590 or 422c/kg.

On a cents a kilo basis a pen of Angus steers sold account Weatherby Downs, Barwidgee blood, 7-8 months, weighing 260kg sold for 496c/kg or $1290.

Twenty-eight sold Langi Kal Kal-blood steers sold account GS Conroy Pty Ltd, nine months, sold for $1360 or 453c/kg.

A pen of 18 steers account Morrocdong, Paringa blood, 8-9 months, sold for $1310, or 458ckg, while a second line of 33, weighing 333kg, made 421c/kg or $1400.

In the unweighed steer section the top was $1270 for a pen of 23 sold account CIA Mann Family Trust, who forwarded a line of Paringa blood, 9-10 months.

The Templeton family, Emu Plains, Glenormiston, forwarded a big line of steers, 7-9 months by Banquet/Fernleigh/Leawood bulls. They sold from $900 to $1240.

Of the grown heifers in a range of 390kg to 480kg sold from $1480 to $1700.

Top on live weight was a pen of seven sold account J Trigg & Sons that weighed 473kg and sold for $1700 or 360c/kg.

Chimewood sold six heifers, 457kg, for $1690 or 369c/kg.

Heifers in the weight range of 220kg to 350kg made from $900 to $1330.

At the light end of heifers a pen of 15 sold account Bellfield Ag sold for 444c/kg on weights of 243kg, and a price of $1080.

The unweighed heifers sold in a range of $490 to $990. The top was for a line of seven sold account MJ McGuiness. The pen was 10-12 months and Bowmont blood.

Gluepot Pastoral sold seven Limousin cows, third calvers, with Limousin calves three months old at foot, redepastured to Limousin, that sold for $2800.

I Martin sold nine Angus cows, fourth calvers with spring drop calves at foot (not redepastured) that sold for $2780.