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Saleyard empty, pockets full at Wodonga store cattle sale - Weekly Times

Weekly Times

THE new coronavirus regulations tested how agents handled last week’s store sale at Wodonga, but it had little impact on price.

Agents quoted prices as solid on recent rates, with well-bred feeder steers continuing to track around the mark of 400c/kg liveweight.

And younger and lightweight calves were still in demand from northern restockers, with a feature line of small Herefords nudging 500c/kg at times.

Corcoran Parker livestock agent Justin Keane said while there was a marked difference in crowd numbers as farmers and the public were urged to stay away to help prevent the spread of the virus, the final outcome in terms of what went into vendor pockets was similar.

“We had a few hurdles to jump through, but the cattle still sold very well,” Mr Keane said.

“There was a fair reduction in the number of people, but all the main commission buyers attended and agents still had their orders.”

The better-bred Angus and Hereford steers weighing between 350kg and 450kg mostly sold to feedlot orders at $1300 to $1800 depending on size.

Once on to lighter calves weighing under 250kg, the equivalent cents-a-kilogram rates were higher with some of the neatest lines of young steers selling in excess of ­450c/kg, which pushed most of the sales above $900.

“People are still selling finished cattle, such as bullocks, for reasonable money and are happy to reinvest, particularly as what they are buying won’t be resold until this time next year (when the coronavirus pandemic should have cleared),” Mr Keane said.

Agents said the limited sel­ection of heavier European sired steers, such as Limousin and Charolais, mostly traded in a range of 380c/kg to 390c/kg to be at a slight discount to the Angus cattle.

Feedlot support also kept the heifer section strong, with decent calves with frame and weight (300kg plus) still making 360c/kg and better.