CVLX Ballarat leads the way in Sheep EID

The Central Victoria Livestock Exchange (CVLX) at Ballarat is the first livestock selling facility in Australia to successfully fully implement sheep EID scanning at commercial sheep sales and upload transactional data to the NLIS database.

 CVLX successfully scanned and uploaded full movement information for all sheep presented with EID’s at the sheep sales held in August representing over 600 lots.

 These events coincide with broader industry trials and further technology enhancements that will underpin the full implementation of the Sheep NLIS program early next year.

 AAM Investment Group Managing Director, Garry Edwards said “It is imperative that our company develops and implements a system at CVLX that can reliably and cost effectively deliver both compliance and market enhancement programs for the benefit of producers and livestock agents given that we are Victoria’s largest sheep selling facility”

 “More importantly though there are a whole host of benefits underpinned by sheep EID systems that will continue to be implemented into the future at the new CVLX livestock selling facility that is currently under construction”.

 ­­Mr Edwards also indicated that he was confident that CVLX will meet all key industry milestones for technology implementation to fully adopt Sheep EID traceability in 2018 and welcomed Agriculture Victoria’s support in refining and developing systems that will benefit the industry as a whole.