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Light Middle East export lambs lead on carcase prices in saleyards - Sheep Central

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Tamworth’s domestic lambs $10-$15 cheaper

In NSW at the Tamworth saleyards on Monday, the agents yarded 2230 lambs, 1330 more than last week, and 1220 sheep, 800 more.

The NLRS said lambs suitable for restockers and processors were well-supplied and quality was mostly good for the regular buyers attending.

Restocker lambs remained close to firm on pre-Easter levels, with light weights making $104-$163. The heavier weights made $170-$214. Well-finished lambs sold to processors and local butchers were $10-$15 cheaper in places.

The heaviest lambs sold from $225-$285. These were a pen of Dorpers estimated by agents to weigh well over 30kg cwt. Quite a few lambs suitable to the trade made $175-$218.

Light weight ewes attracted strong restocker competition to sell to a dearer trend. Demand from processors was down, resulting in a slightly cheaper trend, due to quality and weight.

Ballarat’s trade and heavy lambs $5-$6 dearer

In Victoria at the Ballarat saleyards on Tuesday, the agents yarded 21,400 lambs, 3100 fewer than last week, and 1,000 sheep, 3000 more.

The NLRS said lamb quality was plain to very good. All the usual buyers attended and there was good competition on all trade weights, and on light lambs to fill store and MK orders.

There was not as much weight in the heavy lambs and lines over 30kg sold to $292. Agents reported light lambs going back to the paddock and MK orders as selling extremely well to be firm to slightly dearer.

Light trade weights, 18-22kg, sold firm to $5 dearer. The 22-24kg lines sold firm to $6 dearer. The neat well-presented short skinned trade lambs made 850-880c/kg.

Heavy trade lambs, 24-26kg, sold firm to $5 dearer. Heavy lambs, 26-30kg, sold $5-$8 dearer and extra heavy export lambs over 30kg were firm.

Sheep quality was average to very good. Agents reported the market as fully firm. A pen of extra heavy crossbred wethers made $300. Merino wethers sold from $65-$265 and Merino ewes from $60-$288. Crossbred wethers made $166-$300 and crossbred ewes to $293.