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Southern lotfeeder pounces on large steer run at CQLX

STRONG demand from southern lotfeeders pushed the price for steers at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (CQLX) Prime and Store Sale on Wednesday, where a run of 283 Charbray and Brahman cross cattle averaged 487c/kg.


The total line of No.0 steers drawn from Needham Family, Marlborough, averaged 409kg and returned $1992/head. The lead pen of the offering topped at 514.2c/kg, weighed 479kg and returned $2293/head.


Josh Heck, SBB GDL, said the strong sale result reflected the buoyant demand at CQLX for medium and heavy-weight lines.


“For this sale, we had strong competition as four buyers were trying to secure them,” Mr Heck said.


“A NSW feedlot bought the main percentage of them. We have noticed there is strong demand for these types of cattle, and for heavier lines, so when a good quality offering is presented, the competition is fierce.”


Overall, combined agents yarded 3371 head of cattle, which were drawn from Bowen in the north to Lowmead in the south.


The steer price peaked at 682.2c/kg and a highlight in the lighter categories included a RS and RJ Milne, Baralaba, Brahman cross offering which reached 630c/kg and weighed 220kg to equal $1386/head.


A 215kg Charbray cross steer pen, from J Milner, Mornish, topped at 622c/kg to return $1337/head.


Nebo vendor, Amaroo Partnership, achieved a good result for its Brangus No.0 steers, with the lead pen topping at 530c/kg and weighing 411kg to return $2181/head.


V and B Roberts, Boyne Valley, made a return of $2018/head for a Droughtmaster cross steer offering which made 482c/kg and weighed 418kg.


A highlight in the heifer category was a good quality Brangus offering from Tralee Cattle Co, Middlemount, which peaked at 546c/kg and weighed 359kg to equal $1961/head.


Marlborough vendor, R and J Sherry, sold a Belmont Red cross heifer line for 530c/kg, which averaged 267kg and returned $1416/head.


The cow market was a strong performer, and peaked at 376.2c/kg in total.


Local vendor, R and K Maloney, from Gracemere, reached 375c/kg for their 634kg Brahman cows offering, which returned $2377/head.


A Brahman cow line from D and M Kraatz, Rossmoya, reached 369c/kg and weighed 601kg to equal $2221/head.


Looking ahead, Mr Heck predicted next week’s sale to have similar strong results.


“Going forward, I think the market will stay on this strengthened trend. We are also getting close to our impending wet season, so producers will look to secure cattle before the big downpours,” Mr Heck said.